About & Its Founder Dan Ross is a website and blog about:

  • Identifying problems for businesses of all sizes.  Finding solutions using best practices, methods, tried and true facts, figures, etc
  • Social media and its impact on business – I think there will be lots of observations / discussion around this topic.  Just my 2 cents.
  • Internet marketing and its impact on business – Classic example would be that the world is now a 24/7/365 environment & that the Internet has the potential to lower overall costs.  I think a new, emerging aspect is the ability for businesses to ‘humanize’ themself  via use of video on their website.
  • Successful blogging is about the delivery of valuable content so that is my aim.  I think good content, written with good style, leads to credibility which, in turn, leads to trust. I hope to earn yours via this blog.  Want some verification of that?  Take a look at the 2000 + tweets over the last 11 months and see if you find the content valuable.

What is NOT:

  • It’s NOT a “get-rich quick” scheme.  It is all about time-tested, proven business practices.
  • It’s NOT a pyramid scheme where you buy something and re-sell a crappy product to others.
  • It’s NOT about selling re-sale rights or spamming or anything like that.

About the Founder Dan Ross:

  • Received an MBA (finance emphasis) from Rice University and a B.S. in Accounting from UT Dallas.
  • Worked as a technology / telecommunications research analyst for 2 regional investment banks.
  • Has supported/interacted with corporate officers/executives for over 10 years.
  • Is a big believer in continuous learning, personally reading over 200 books since graduating with his MBA.

Who I Am and Who I Am Not (a more personal note) <–Taking a page from Chris Brogan’s blog (Author of the book Trust Agent).

  • While not always accomplished I try to live by the Golden Rule (I try to treat others the way I would like to be treated).
  • I am a numbers guy.  I see various business issues and start looking at them from that perspective (what does it cost, what is the opportunity cost, etc).  I find too many leaders are weak with that skillset.  Most top managers are solid but it is the mgmt layers 2-3 below that have quite a bit of work to do re: learning their numbers and how to manage a budget, impact the bottom line, etc.
  • I am a business man and some people say I am TOO much of a business man in that I think about it all the time and relate too many things to business.  This blog is an example.  I hope to add some personality to it though :)
  • I am a recovering CNBC junkie.  I now only watch it while riding on the bicycle for 30-45 minutes each morning.  I might watch a CNBC special at night if I find the topic entertaining.
  • I have a beautiful wife (Jennifer) who I married in late November 2009.  I try to spend ALOT of time with my wife enjoying life.  Admittedly, she has been VERY patient with me as I have tried to learn about blogging.  She is INCREDIBLY supportive and I try to reciprocate as much as possible.
  • I have no children.  I’m 35 and both parents would probably love it if myself and Jennifer started having them quickly :) LOL
  • Oddly enough, for a numbers guy, I enjoy writing.  Brevity is not my strong point.  I hope that writing this blog will help me with that endeavour.  I like to have all the “angles” covered and my writing therefore tends to get long.
  • I am a futurist.  I love thinking about what’s next and how today’s developments will impact the human race and business.
  • I think that business is global today, it runs 24/7 and things change more than we ever could have imagined just 30 years ago.  People who don’t like change or who can’t handle it well end up taking blood pressure medication in today’s world :)
  • I think the world is more connected now than ever via the power of computer networks (PCs/Cell Phones) and due to recently created “human networks” via “social media” applications that reside on top of the hardware layers.  I am amazed at how one can develop a network of people, get exposed to new ideas, etc.
  • I am a huge fan of technology and try out many of them (Iphones, Ipods, Blackberrys, wireless media devices, Tivo, etc.)  Heck, I am blogging on WordPress!
  • I often wish I gave my friends more time and developed stronger relationships when I was younger.
  • I enjoy reading a book on a beach with Crown Royal.
  • I love skiing.  Our honeymoon was in Whistler, British Columbia (2012 Winter Olympics site).  We have only been to Lake Tahoe NV once so far but I’ve been to Lake Tahoe three times, Steamboat Springs and Breckenridge in Colorado plus Park City, Utah  as well.

I look forward to building our on-line relationship together.  Follow me on Twitter for the most updates.  I am a Twitter-holic folks :)

Dan Ross