Email Social Sharing Statistics [ Infographic ]

Your business has now been using e-mail marketing services for 5, 10 or 15 years.  You have experienced massive success with collecting e-mail addresses from your customers to generate repeat business, to conduct surveys and better communicate with them.  Email is used by businesses and consumers alike so using this technology has been a home run.

In the last few years you have set-up Facebook Fan Pages, LinkedIn pages, Twitter accounts and maybe an Instagram account.

Now you want to ensure that you are connected with your fans, followers and customers everywhere they are.  The plan is to put some social media buttons at the bottom of your email to get people to share their content with their friends and followers.  You want people to “friend” or “like” you everywhere you are in social media.

What is the likely success of these efforts?  How does your strategy compare to other businesses?  Are there any expectations we should have ahead of time?  Today’s infographic by deals specifically with the impact of “socializing” your email communications.

  • GetResponse is indicating that about 18% of businesses are including sharing links in their emails.  You are ahead of the curve :)
  • GetResponse indicates that 3.1 billion people use email, 800 million use Facebook, 135 million use LinkedIn and 100 million people use Twitter.  While the LinkedIn and Twitter numbers might be on the low side (rapidly growing) the key point is that you want to be where consumers and businesses are and that is, increasingly, more often on social networks.
  • Businesses overwhelmingly are including their Facebook Fan Page and Twitter in them.
  • For every 10,000 email addresses you can expect only 23 FB likes, 7 retweets and 4 LinkedIn shares.  That seems kind of low but lets remember that 90%-95% of people typically don’t open the average email.  You have to have a captivating email headline to get people to open it up.  From there, the offer or value must be great enough to generate a “click through.
  • Click through rates are highest on LinkedIn at this time.  If you are a B2B type of company vs. B2C it would be advisable to put your LinkedIn profile in your communications (make it the 3rd Icon).
  • Most businesses are choosing 2 social media icons on their emails.  They know that too many choices causes most people to simply take NO action at all.

So, what are you doing today with your SMB and email marketing?

To Your Success,

Dan Ross




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