How Much E-Commerce Does Your Small Business Do? [ Infographic ]

With the holiday shopping season around the corner I thought the below infographic from Statista would be quite timely as it has some great data points.

  1. Certain consumer categories are now DOMINATED  (80% + market share by e-commerce).  Books, movies and music (Amazon and Apple are now the category “killers”).
  2. People widely use tablets / smartphones for shopping research and to make their transactions.
  3. The mobile commerce revolution is in full force.

What percentage of your sales are coming from your website? Do you feel it has kept pace with your industry? Have you enabled your website to be secure for transaction processing? Are you utilizing Square or Paypal for mobile payments? Is your website mobile responsive so that it is optimized for mobile devices? These are some questions any SMB owner should be asking themselves given that the impact of technology has only been accelerating over the last decade.

You will find more statistics at Statista

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