Is Your SMB Website Mobile Responsive? [ Infographic ]

In previous posts I have shared information about how mobile technology is dramatically impacting both consumers and businesses and their interactions with each others.  Mobile technology is increasingly creating winners and losers in the retail sales segment of the economy.

The primary reason I say this is because:

  1. Consumers are increasingly mobile and the technology in their hands is more powerful than ever (more powerful than laptops just 10 years ago).
  2. Mobile website users expect websites to load fast.
  3. 74% of consumers will leave a website if it takes more than 5 seconds to load.
  4. 43% of website users WILL NOT return to websites they know are slow loading.

Here are a few of the posts we have shown on the website:

  1. QR Marketing and mobile implications
  2. How consumers use mobile phones
  3. The Rise of Smartphones
  4. Smartphone impact on the world

The below infographic focuses on mobile responsive websites, something you will find in most Genesis themes (including this website).

The concept of mobile responsive websites was created due to the ever changing screen sizes that consumers utilize.  In the past it was just a PC but then the laptops got smaller and the computer monitors got supersized (27″ IMAC or HDTVs” as an example).  Then smartphones were introduced (various size screens) and the tablet wars have different produced no shortage of various screen sizes (iPad, Ipad Mini, Kindle Fire, Galaxy, Nook, Nexus).

How does a business develop a website that looks good on all of these various platforms?  Mobile Responsive websites are one way to do that.

In August 2011, after enduring 40 days of 100 degree weather, my wife an I went to WordCamp San Francisco and enjoyed some great lectures, meetings, food and weather (65 degree high temps beat Dallas weather in August).  Since my wife designs websites for her clients exclusively on WordPress these days this was a trip both of us were really looking forward to.

WordCamp San Francisco 2011

One of the biggest takeaways I had from WordCamp San Francisco was just how quickly the user experience was changing.

In the span of 1.5 years I went from viewing content just on my desktop computer to viewing content on a home laptop, an Iphone and an Ipad, all of which had different screen sizes and all of which didn’t “play well” with certain technologies, notably flash video.

So what if you already have a website and don’t have the time or money to redesign it right now? Are there any “quick fixes” via plug-ins?

Ipad / Iphone Plug-ins For Existing, Non-Responsive themes

  1. WPTouch – I use this on my website until I can redesign this website.  Many people use it on their website
  2. WordPress Mobile Pack – Highly recommended by many WordPress developers
  3. WPTap Mobile Detector – Spots mobile devices and then uses the theme you choose for the mobile experience.
  1. Mobile Website Design

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