Know the Code! Las Vegas is ANTI Social Sharing

Yesterday I shared a social media infographic that illustrates how much information is shared across social networks in 60 seconds.  Later on I shared two photosharing infographics that provide further facts and figures as to how large photo sharing has become in the last few years.

Have you seen the most recent commercial for the Las Vegas Tourism Board?  It is hilarious!

Las Vegas has a reputation as “Sin City” where people tend to “party it up” in excess.  Bachelor parties, bachelorette parties, the only state with legalized prostitution, etc.  With 6 in every 10 U.S. mobile buyers purchasing Android or Iphones these days people might document “bad behavior” more than ever and then share it across social networks.  This could potentially hurt people’s current or future employment, relationships, etc.

With their “reputation” in mind the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority has created a funny take about “social sharing.”

If you like the below videos let me know in the comments below.

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Dan Ross

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  • Quintius Walker

    I watched it and one other that popped up after the video was over. Funny. I love it. The code stretches far beyond Vegas. I’ve been living by the code for years. It’s nice know that the world of social media is finally adapting it to fit the online world. We now live in a time where our online and offline identities are one in the same. In some cases who you are online shapes who and what the world knows you as offline. I can only imagine the damage that is caused when these two identities don’t match and someone lurking in the shadows decides to ” break the code “. What Happens In Vegas, Stays In Vegas.The mobsters initiated this code in Vegas long before smartphones where even thought of. Viva Las Vegas.

    • Dan Ross

      I have broken the code before…. many years ago…. But I have stayed true to the code for 10 solid years!

      Have a great week an Viva Las Vegas!

      • Quintius Walker

        It’s like, take a smartphone for instance. The smartphone that’s on the market right now. How smart is that same phone in the hands of a dummy?

  • Dino Dogan

    Hi Dan,

    We’re in  Social Nuts tribe together and I didnt know you so I usually keep ppl I dont now on manual and approve posts when I can check them out and what not…Anyways..I finally had a chance to check out your blog. Clearly this is a quality blog and I can see that you have a history of sharing quality stuff….so I am placing you on Auto from now on.Keep up the great work, my friend :-)

    • Dan Ross

      Thanks for the kind words Dino! I enjoy the stuff you share as well!

  • Betrue

    Seems like you all have double standards. What you do somewhere you should be able to do anywhere. Are you ashamed of you actions or something?