Social Media Infographic: Social Sharing is EXPLODING!

Today’s blog post and infographic is about technology and how smartphone adoption is dramatically impacting social sharing.  This, in turn, is impacting businesses dramatically through “Word of Mouth.”

Cell Phone Advances:

6 out of every 10 phones being sold in the U.S. now are Android or Iphones based on recent mobile industry stats.  Each of these phones normally comes with a camera and most of them have video capability as well.  Most of these come with mandatory data plans as well.

As recently as 10 years ago cell phones were used primarily for talking.  Then came the txt messaging functionality.  Then email was introduced, primarily to corporate customers via Blackberry phones.  Then cameras were integrated into phones (before they had intelligent operating systems with applications running on top of them – Think Nokia, Samsung and Motorola Razr phones.)  Today, consumers have videocamera powered smartphones that have constant internet access and have the ability to video edit or photo edit on them.

The ability for a consumer to highlight a poor or phenomenal experience with your business is greater than ever.  Now they not only share with their close family but they can also immediately share that experience (in text, photo or video format) with their 100-900 Facebook friends, their “FanPages” in the thousands, their Twitter followers in the thousands, their Instagram Followers in the thousands, their YouTube fans, etc.  Get the point?

Over the next week I’ll be sharing some great infographics highlighting just how much information is being shared by consumers these days.

Todays Social Media Infographic shows just how much information is shared amongst various social networks in 60 seconds.

In one minute alone:

  1. Facebook has over 500,000 comments and over 100,000 photos uploaded to its service
  2. Flickr has over 3500 photos posted per minute.
  3. Twitter has over 120,000 Tweets and 1475 photos shared via 3rd party services that use their API.
  4. Instagram, a fast growing photo sharing service, is already experiencing 1350 photos uploaded per minute.
  5. Foursquare – Over 2000 check-ins per minute.  Can your business be found on Foursquare?
  6. Yelp has over 20 new reviews and 2 photos posted every 60 seconds.  Is your business clean all the time?  Just ask Taco Bell and other restaurants that have been caught with bug or rodent problems in the last year.
The Key Point: Consumers are now reporters.  They report their experiences in real-time and can share those experiences with “main stream” media agencies and their social networks so businesses need to be “aware” all the time.  Both positive and negative customer experiences have the ability to get “amplified” dramatically with the increased use of social networks.
Social Media Sharing in 60 seconds Infographic
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