Social Screening: How Companies Are Using Social Media to Hire & Fire Employees [ Infographic ]

Last Friday the U.S. released its employment numbers. In their numbers the government basically illustrated that the economic recovery from the 2008 financial crisis is very slow when compared to previous economic recoveries.  While big corporations are seeing their sales and profits improve workers aren’t getting hired, unemployment remains high and the average duration of unemployment continues to be at record levels. The below chart from illustrates that!

Given the above observations I thought the infographic below, from, was highly relevant. If you are a business owner I thought this infographic might provide some insights as to how you could utilize social media to screen employees. The obvious goal is to hire great employees and avoid prospects that might be problematic down the road (drug use as an obvious concern).  As an employee or jobseeker the goal is to get a job and keep a job so employees need to understand how companies are utilizing social media to screen employees.

How Companies Use Social Media to Screen Employees - Social Media Screening Infographic

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