Raving Fans vs. Lukewarm Fans – Observations of the “Justin Bieber” Phenomenon

Are your fans loyal like Justin Bieber’s “Beliebers”? His fans are ENORMOUSLY loyal.  Or do think that your businesses best, most loyal customers act like Justin Bieber, himself.  As you can see from the below picture, Justin shows no NHL loyalty at all.  He jumps from one team to the next every other month. Justin […]


Statigram: My Favorite Instagram App Right Now


Check out my new photo / image on Instagram. You can find Dan Ross as @BetterBizIdeas. Right now my #1 Instagram app is @Statigram followed by #2 Followgram and #3 Webstagram. I like Statigram because it enables you to see who you are following that isn’t following you back.  It also provides tons of great […]


Instagram Growth & Instagram Statistics – An Instagram Infographic by

Instagram Growth & Instagram Statistics via an Instagram Infographic by

I am a huge Instagram fan and use the service to take personal photos and also to take photos to share here on the blog. A few weeks ago I wrote two articles: 3 Tools / Resources to Download Your Instagram Photo Collection & 3 Instagram Tools / Resources for WordPress Bloggers Late last night […]


3 Tools / Resources to Download Your Instagram Photo Collection

Copygram & Instaport Instagram Apps

Yesterday’s article was about 3 Instagram Tools / Resources for WordPress Bloggers. Today’s article is about learning how to download Instagram photos so we can utilize them for various photo projects. Instagram enables people to use their photos the way they want to via their open API and enables portability of data which Facebook does […]


3 Instagram Tools / Resources for WordPress Bloggers

BetterBizIdeas "Liked" stats on

  Over the last 2 months I’ve really been diving deep into Instagram, a photo sharing Iphone application.  The application has has a great API (application programming interface) that is enabling developers to create lots of neat and interesting web-based applications, all surrounding photos.   As Instagram recently passed 5 million users I was wondering, […]