Tablet Growth (2010 – 2012) – How is Your SMB Handling Technology Changes?

Global Tablet Shipment Growth

With the emergence of Apple’s new Ipad Mini a few weeks ago I thought it would be highly relevant to share this chart showing tablet growth since 2010. The global tablet market continues to grow at a robust rate. The chart below shows global tablet shipments since the second quarter of 2010, the quarter in […]


How Much E-Commerce Does Your Small Business Do? [ Infographic ]

E-Commerce Growth in the U.S.

With the holiday shopping season around the corner I thought the below infographic from Statista would be quite timely as it has some great data points. Certain consumer categories are now DOMINATED  (80% + market share by e-commerce).  Books, movies and music (Amazon and Apple are now the category “killers”). People widely use tablets / […]


Is Your SMB Website Mobile Responsive? [ Infographic ]

Mobile Website Design

In previous posts I have shared information about how mobile technology is dramatically impacting both consumers and businesses and their interactions with each others.  Mobile technology is increasingly creating winners and losers in the retail sales segment of the economy. The primary reason I say this is because: Consumers are increasingly mobile and the technology […]